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Australia's best loved vintage club cheddar!*

Iconic Mersey Valley is best known for its unique crumbly texture and bold vintage cheddar flavour. Perfect for a snack that really hits the spot!

*IRI Scan Data, Australia Grocery Unweighted, Specialty Cheddar RSV, Volume and Dollar, MAT 24/11/19



The Mersey Valley Range


Mersey Valley

An extra strong bite, which is balanced with a crumbly melt-in your mouth texture.

AVAILABLE IN: 80g 180g 235g

Mersey Valley Original

A sharp crumbly cheddar that keeps you coming back for more.

AVAILABLE IN: 180g 235g 150g Spreadable

Mersey Valley
Pickled Onion

A flavoursome combo of our Original with the lively addition of pickled onion.

AVAILABLE IN: 80g 235g

Mersey Valley Ploughmans

A unique blend of our Classic with a rich savoury flavour that really packs a punch.


Mersey Valley Peppercorn

The bite of our Classic, speckled with black peppercorn pieces.


Mersey Valley
Smoky Bacon Flavour

A perfectly sharp and crumbly cheddar with a distinct bacon flavour that lingers in the mouth.

AVAILABLE IN: 80g 235g

Mersey Valley Jalapeno

A sharp, crumbly and bold vintage cheddar, with a hit of fruity, spicy real jalapeno pepper.

AVAILABLE IN: 80g 235g


Mersey Valley
Original Spreadable

A sharp crumbly cheddar with a delightful spreadable texture.

AVAILABLE IN: 150g Spreadable


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